Top of The Pops studio, 30th of May 1997


Geri Halliwell: “But now it’s a real privilege for me to introduce to you a real superstar. He hasn’t been in the top of the pops studio for over 11 years and he’s simply a legend. He’s British, he’s very talented, he’s gorgeous and he’s here!”


“Please welcome Mr. George Michael!”


(George Michael walks into shot, dressed in a black suit and sunglasses)


“Hello George, welcome to top of the pops, hi!”


George Michael “Hi how are you doing”


(Kisses Geri)


Geri: “And congratulations on your 2 Ivor Novello awards”


George: “And congratulations on your 2 Ivor Novello awards”


Geri: “Hey, but apparently you got nominated for 3 Ivor Novello awards… So what happened to the other one, eh?”


(Geri gives a theatrical wink to the camera and departs shot, leaving just George Michael in front of the camera).


George:  “Hi everyone! Here’s the deal. Brand new singer, brand new song. Brand new record label, which just happens to be mine and a brand new video. This is Toby Bork and myself singing Waltz Away Dreaming, a song that is as beautiful as the woman it was written about. Enjoy.”


(Cheering starts from the studio audience)


I looked at Fiona.


She looked at me, awkwardly.


“I don’t believe it.” I said


“He’s got my fucking name wrong